Search for a Motorcycle Mechanic

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In what is becoming a regular spring ritual, the Triumph Legend is again having electric problems, this time with the starter engine.

A bike shop had already promised to fix the bike, but then they screwed up. So, if you know a bike maintenance shop in Helsinki region that could help with the Triumph, please drop me a line.

The Triumph in rainy Kiev

Updated 2005-05-24: I finally found a mechanic and after a bit of wait, the bike was towed away today. The verdict: the starter engine had melted.

So now began the wait for a new starter…

How long this will take is anybody’s guess. So far the delivery times for parts from Triumph have been anything between week and over a month.

Updated 2005-05-31: In a surprising turn of events, Mp-Asennus got the bike fixed in a day using a spare Kawasaki starter. Great work, thanks! Now the bike is running without problems.

Thanks to everybody for their good ideas and suggestions!