OSCOM 4 Is Coming

The theme of OSCOM.4 is "Cross-Pollination". This will be a conference with assistance from the Apache Software Foundation for the ApacheTracks content.

The Open Source content management community is rich and varied with many projects such as OpenCMS, Plone, Midgard, Cofax, Drupal, and many others. Almost all Open Source CMS rely on software from the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), and we look forward to lots of cross-pollination between the Apache and CMS communities. In addition, market awareness is rapidly growing, with several Open Source CMS and ASF projects being mentioned favorably in recent analyst reports.

While I will mostly be working as an organizer, I'm also planning to submit a proposal on a Practical CMS interop sprint.

Updated 18:42: Apache sessions will be called ApacheTracks instead of ApacheCon Europe.

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