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Google indexes PermaLinks?

It seems that Google is now autodetecting PermaLinks of dynamically-generated pages using the rel="PermaLink" syntax. Here’s one of the results for my blog:
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The Cave City of Vardzia

We had amazing time in the medieval Georgian cave cities of Vardzia and Vanis kvabebi last weekend. I’ve already contributed some information on Vardzia to WikiPedia, and plan to write more about both later on.

PHP memory problems on Apache 2

We’ve gotten several problems of memory leaking with MidCOM used with PHP4 and Apache2 on both Fedora and Debian platforms. At first memory leaks on Midgard 1.7 were suspected, but after extensive testing this theory was discarded.

Why web designers need a CMS

WebProNews has a story on how the future of web design is content management:
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Some refresh to the OpenPsa style

Flash designer Joonas Kallioinen of Itse Valtiaat fame contributed a minor refresh to the OpenPsa 2 style:
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MidCOM and content update notifications

Torben published a new MidCOM feature called watcher yesterday. It enables Midgard CMS components and libraries to register to receive notifications about changes to Midgard objects of different types.

CMS Watch Kudos of 2005

Content Management market analyst CMS Watch has released its Vendor Kudos and Shortcomings of 2005 list. Midgard CMS gets honorable mentions in two categories:

Software Freedom Day

Taya pointed me to Software Freedom Day on September 10th: