Google indexes PermaLinks?

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It seems that Google is now autodetecting PermaLinks of dynamically-generated pages using the rel="PermaLink" syntax. Here’s one of the results for my blog:

PermaLink URL used on Google

This is probably a really good idea, as it allows their search result links point to correct document even if the target site has been reorganized, combatting linkrot. Of course cool URLs don’t change, but as they’re titles too they can change during reorganizations, creating the need for permanent links.

Making the PermaLink of a page machine-readable is really easy, as shown by WikiPedia:

Permalinks can be displayed on the system using a HTML link element. This way authoring tools can automatically detect the permalink and use that for linking instead of the regular URL. The Link element should include two attributes:

<link rel="bookmark" href="<PermaLink URL>" />

Updated 16:00: Tantek from #microformats pointed me to an even earlier convention for making PermaLinks machine-readable: rel="bookmark".

Midgard CMS has now been updated support rel="bookmark" as it is outlined even in the HTML spec.

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