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Finnish Centre for Open Source Software in 2006

The yearly meeting for COSS members was held in connection with the OpenMind conference in the auditorium of Werstas, the proletariat’s central museum of Tampere. As Nemein participates actively in several COSS projects like the Digital Business Ecosystem, I left the Espoo office early to take the bullet train north.

Open Source and Venture Capital

O’Reilly Radar comments on ZDNet UK’s Is Open Source A Bubble Ready To Burst? article:
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Meanwhile, in France

The riots in France are running for the 12th night, and the country is now in state of emergency. John Robb of Global Guerillas is analyzing the situation:
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Way of the sword

We went with Kerttu to a fencing lesson for the first time yesterday. The sabre course feels interesting, and the connections to Kendo, the other sword sport I’ve practiced are definitely visible.

Networked Project Management with DBE

As hinted earlier, we have integrated the OpenPsa project management system with the Digital Business Ecosystem P2P network.
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Midgard meeting in Linköping

This weekend is being spent in the Midgard developer meeting hosted by Anykey Solutions in Linköping, Sweden. Besides the ferry Suicide Tequila episode reported by Edi, the time has been both productive and fun. Happened so far: Tarjei ran a pretty interesting demo and presentation on the Aegir 2 project. It seems that once the object browser is done, we...
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Prepare to be synchronized

Something interesting is going to happen with OpenPsa and Digital Business Ecosystem:

Blog capitalism

Business Opportunities Weblog has a funny tool for calculating blog’s worth:
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New event calendar for MidCOM

net.nemein.calendar is the new default calendar in Midgard CMS. It replaces the old component with several clear advantages: