New event calendar for MidCOM

cover image for New event calendar for MidCOM

net.nemein.calendar is the new default calendar in Midgard CMS. It replaces the old component with several clear advantages:

  • Repeating events support (different rules, weekly, daily, monthly etc)
  • Storage of the events is MidgardEvent instead of MidgardArticle, meaning that the DB queries are more optimal, storage more semantic, and the structure supports things like event participants
  • Output is by default in the hCalendar microformat.

The calendar uses the OpenPsa Calendar libraries to provide its features. This means that it is easy to add new capabilities like publish/subscribe webcal feeds and SyncML as we go.

hCalendar feed on Midgard site

I’ve deployed the new calendar for Midgard events. Converting events from to the new format was done with a simple PHP script. Prior to running this script inside a Midgard style I installed OpenPsa and the latest net.nemein.calendar.

The hCalendar feed can be subscribed to iCalendar-aware applications using the X2V application. Unfortunately as X2V doesn’t yet support iCalendar UIDs, Evolution will not display the calendar. But here is what it looks like on Apple iCal:

hCalendar feed subscribed to iCal

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