Midgard: benefits of synchronized releases

From the Midgard Project:

The Midgard Project switched to a new synchronized release model with the 8.09 "Ragnaroek LTS" release. Synchronized release model means that a major release of Midgard will happen every six months, tuned to be part of the larger Linux software ecosystem as described by Mark Shuttleworth:

WHAT IF you knew that the next long-term supported releases of Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat and Novell Linux would all have the same major versions of kernel, GCC, X, GNOME, KDE, OO.o and Mozilla. Would that make a major difference for you? I’m willing to bet not - that from a customer view, folks who prefer X will still prefer X. A person who prefers Red Hat will stick with Red Hat. But from a developer view, would that make it easier to collaborate? Dramatically so.


The same model has been employed very successfully by major projects like GNOME, Eclipse and the Ubuntu distribution. As Midgard relies on many GNOME technologies, being in the same release cycle with them helps our development immensely, and makes Midgard more easy to install because we have a more stable set of dependencies.

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