Midgard and synchronized releases

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I've posted about new directions needed for Midgard's release coordination and marketing. After some discussion, I think it is time to vote and make decisions.

The proposal is to switch to synchronized releases. This would make development more predictable, marketing efforts clearer and more focused, and align us with the release synchronicity movement implemented in related projects like GNOME and Ubuntu.

Togetherness by BrianScott

Some concrete actions for this:

  • Clarify naming of different aspects of Midgard: Midgard Platform, Midgard MVC, Midgard CMS
  • Combine releases of Midgard and MidCOM into "generations" that are compatible with each other and are targeted to specific set of dependencies (libgda and PHP versions for instance)
  • Focus on names of the generations instead of individual version numbers: thor instead of 1.8 and 2.8, ragnaroek instead of 1.9 and 2.9 etc
  • Write down a fixed ragnaroek feature list ASAP and prepare for release during September
  • Schedule a Midgard developer meeting to October for discussion of ragnaroek+1 (former 2.0, vinland?) feature list
  • Switch to git and feature branches after ragnaroek is out
  • Introduce a concept of long-term supported (LTS) releases. Ragnaroek will be the first one

Please join the discussion.

Photo: Togetherness by BrianScott. CC license.

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