Midgard meeting in Linköping

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This weekend is being spent in the Midgard developer meeting hosted by Anykey Solutions in Linköping, Sweden. Besides the ferry Suicide Tequila episode reported by Edi, the time has been both productive and fun.

Happened so far:

Tarjei ran a pretty interesting demo and presentation on the Aegir 2 project. It seems that once the object browser is done, we can safely remove both old Aegir and SpiderAdmin from the distribution.

Jukka's Exorcist presentation

After some initial bugs had been hammered out, we also were able to run the promised demo on managing subcontracted projects with OpenPsa 2 over the DBE P2P network. I’ll try to post screenshots of the whole project workflow after the Tampere demo on monday.

Another result of the demo was that everybody agreed heartily that Exorcist should replace Repligard as Midgard’s replication system of choice. This will make replication faster, easier to handle two-way, and push the use of Java Content Repository in Midgard CMS.

We also had a very good discussion about refining Midgard’s style engine to work on a clearer stack model. This will make MidCOM’s style template system integrate transparently into Midgard’s powerful page composition system, and make the eventual page transition of MidCOM much easier.

Finnish Midgardians at SmallOne's

Also, the annoying MySQL 4.1 typecasting bug got fixed, Midgard 1.9 feature requirements got decided, and many people wrote their first MidCOM component based on Tarjei’s tutorial.

In the saturday evening we had a thai dinner in the SmallOne Mansion.

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