Why web designers need a CMS

WebProNews has a story on how the future of web design is content management:

This is somewhat of a call out to all web design companies. If you cannot offer content management to your clients, you may be left in the dust within a few years. The more affordable content management becomes, the more in demand it will be. Without giving your prospects this crucial option, you may lose a great chunk of your potential clients to the next web design company that has a fully automated system that states: “all the consumer has to do is login and get started.”

The New Media agencies at least here in Finland seem to have noticed this, and are actively dumping their in-house systems in favor of more established players. While no data is available, at least the feeling I get when touring them is that the big winners are Midgard CMS as the Open Source option, and Ch5 Navigo as the proprietary one.

This is obviously good news to us, and means that the Midgard Site Wizard automatic site creation tool and Exorcist, the cross-CMS content migration tool are getting good use.

Story via Column Two.

In the other news, Centri Regionali di Competenza and Kotikissa.info are first two live sites powered by OpenPsa 2, and by extension Midgard2. CRC Italia is a project collaboration extranet, and Kotikissa.info is a webzine for a real estate agent chain utilizing the direct marketing tools for targeted newsletters.

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