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Posting pictures from iPhoto to Midgard

Photon, Jonathan Younger’s nice photoblogging plugin for iPhoto was released under LGPL last thursday. The tool officially supports Wordpress, MT, TypePad and Blojsom, but actually posts using the standard MetaWeblog API that Midgard also supports.
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OpenPsa Calendar goes horizontal

After a bit of thought we’ve returned the Group Calendar module of OpenPsa 2 to using horizontal layout for days. The earlier versions used a vertical layout designed with Tigert that proved to be a problem with larger number of resources. This should solve the scalability issue:
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More about positioning on the web

I’ve posted thoughts about using location information on the web and my blog has been associating position information and weather on city level into all documents there since last December. However, this data isn’t very useful yet as such. As the city-level information doesn’t contain coordinates, I can’t:
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Midgard on OS X is rolling

The Mac OS X packages of Midgard made by Robert Guerra were released on August 15th. Since then it has been listed by both VersionTracker and Download Squad. Six hundred people have already downloaded the 500 meg disk image containing both Midgard CMS 1.7 and Fink.

Not going to Europe this summer

Unfortunately I got ill after returning from the wedding in St. Petersburg, and so can’t make it to Budapest for 20th.
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It is now done

After returning from the wedding at 5am this morning and a brief nap I went to the Helsinki-Malmi airport to do the check flight for my Private Pilot’s License. After waiting the morning for VFR conditions we were finally able to depart at 11:30am amid rather low and rainy clouds.
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Direct marketing component for OpenPsa

Despite some schedule setbacks, we’ve been recently working on a new component to handle direct marketing in OpenPsa. Previously the Campaigns mass mailer was integrated in the contact manager, and was used with some large campaigns including the Telvis awards.
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Minor development setback

Our development server just died today. This will mean all OpenPsa development is stalled until Rambo gets the new hard drive and Debian installed.
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Kubrick layout for Midgard CMS

Because of the dead development server I had a bit of downtime today. To compensate for it, I decided to finally port the elegant Kubrick template to Midgard CMS.
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First look at the new AIS

AIS, the Authoring Interface System in Midgard CMS is now getting a new look. The tables and old HTML are now gone, replaced by much more streamlined XHTML and CSS.