Midgard on OS X is rolling

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The Mac OS X packages of Midgard made by Robert Guerra were released on August 15th. Since then it has been listed by both VersionTracker and Download Squad. Six hundred people have already downloaded the 500 meg disk image containing both Midgard CMS 1.7 and Fink.

This is very good start for introducing Midgard to the Mac world, especially as the installer is so smooth:

Midgard CMS installer for OS X

The obvious next step will be to complete the Fink packaging so that the installer will be smaller and fit right together with the regular Fink installation.

I can really recommend OS X users to try the packages out. The installation experience is even nicer than with Jarkko’s excellent Fedora packages. Once the installer has been run, simply create a site with the Site Wizard and start entering your content.

Download Squad writes:

The real news is that they finally released a slick OS X installer for Midgard. In case you’ve never heard of it, Midgard is a great (open source) CMS that runs on Linux, or many UNIX systems. The OS X installer is brand new, so expect some potential bugs. Midgard boasts a feature set you’d expect from any decent CMS: web-based authoring, image asset management, clean URL’s, roll-back, and a built-in search engine. Midgard only recently came to OS X and I’m glad they finally released an easy installer.

Updated 2005-08-22: Updated download count from 300 to 600.

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