Big Midgard release day

Today has been an important day for the Midgard Project - development versions of both active Midgard branches were launched:

Midgard 1.9.0alpha1 "White Nights" released

Midgard 1.9 has been designed as a version easing the transition from Midgard 1.x to Midgard 2. To aid developers, the release includes both the classic Midgard APIs that are now deprecated, and the new schema-based Midgard 2 APIs. This means that the release can be used to run both Midgard 1 applications like the version 2.8 of the MidCOM component framework, and Midgard 2 applications like MidCOM 3.

Midgard 2.0.0alpha2 "Bonfire" released

The second alpha of the Midgard 2.0 branch is targeted at web framework and desktop developers. This release does not consist of the CMS components, but instead targets at providing the development tools for building a modern web framework. Framework based not only on one tool, but which can connect multiple technologies and languages.

Changes from alpha1: The Apache module is no longer supported. Support for D-BUS is built in. Many improvements were made in language bindings. The PHP module is now configurable with ini directives.

Especially the Python bindings for Midgard 2 are interesting. Next thing for me is to start playing with the D-Bus signals.

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