CMS Watch Kudos of 2005

Content Management market analyst CMS Watch has released its Vendor Kudos and Shortcomings of 2005 list. Midgard CMS gets honorable mentions in two categories:

  • Templating
  • Page Assembly & Renditioning

These have both been traditionally Midgard’s strong points. However, this completely leaves the advances that have happened with Midgard’s integrated search, accessibility features and the localization capabilities that allow publishing in Arabic, not to mention everything else changed through MidCOM.

This is of course understandable considering that CMS Watch is still living in Midgard 1.5 world, but it brings the question of how we should communicate the big changes that have happened in the Midgard 1.7 series, and are happening in the 1.8 space.

Very little of the “classic” Midgard remains, and even that is going away as MidCOM is being rewritten to the new database interfaces and access controls. At the same time both Aegir and MidCOM’s own Datamanager editing interface are changing through AJAX and other new UI concepts.

Updated 14:00Z: eWeek has a recent story about Open Source CMS that mentions Midgard:

Don’t think, by the way, that Byrne is an open-source Luddite. CMS Watch, the leading Web-based portal on CMSes, was first built on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) using the Midgard open-source CMS.

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