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Midgard Wiki doing fine

While not everybody agrees, it really feels like the Midgard Wiki way of generating documentation is working. The idea was to make the documentation more consistent, and to lower the barrier of submitting new content.
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Flight to Turku archipelago

I had another solo travel flight last weekend, this time with Cessna 152 OH-CWM on route Helsinki - Hanko - Turku - Helsinki. Especially the flight over the Turku archipelago was really nice.

Views over Helsinki

I’ve plugged this before, but continues to chronicle the life in Helsinki with the beautiful photos of Niklas Sjöblom.

Latest Midgard and MidCOM

Midgard 1.7 and the development release of MidCOM, version 2.5.0 are now available. Using these, it should be much easier to test OpenPsa 2.x.
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Mapping the Midgard community

Midgard 1.7, the first release sporting Midgard2 features like MgdSchema and Query Builder was released today. To celebrate this, I made a new design for the website, following the “Prepare for the New Day” slogan:

Business software and microcompanies

The makers of the Basecamp project communication software, 37signals have made an interesting post on targeting software at microcorporations:

RSS feed creator library for MidCOM

I added Kai Blankenhorn’s FeedCreator PHP Class into the MidCOM CVS yesterday as purecode component de.bitfolge.feedcreator. The library is already being used by the Midgard Wiki for its RSS output of latest modifications.

Midgard wiki now available

The documentation on the Midgard Content Management System is now moving to wiki format. This will make it much easier for people to contribute documentation into the Midgard site instead of posting it in their own blogs or documentation and tutorial sites.

Repligard, your days are numbered

Focus of the Midgard developer community is swiftly moving to the Midgard2 architecture, and this means that changes will be coming to the rest of the framework.