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John Robb explains what happened:
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No to European Software Patents

In a smashing victory for European software business, the EU parliament has voted 648-14 against the controversial software patent directive. Thanks to everybody involved!
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Journey with a sown ship

2005-06-27 17:45Z: Anchored for the night at N61.49,45 E36.06,73. We have made a tent out of the sail and wait on river Vodla for the forecasted SE wind.
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Preparing for a Viking Adventure

I’m joining the Shnjaka expedition in east Carelia this weekend. Shnjaka is a viking ship built without a single nail using the old sowing techniques.

OpenPSA 2 Preview 1 released

ESPOO, Jun 23rd 2005 – The first Preview release of the OpenPSA management suite is now available. This release showcases the new user interface concept and completely rewritten technology architecture.
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Some snapshots from OpenPSA 2

OpenPSA rewrite to the MgdSchema database back-end and MidCOM component architecture is progressing well. The current goal is to release a feature-limited alpha next week to get more feedback. Before that, here are some quick screenshots:
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The DBE Driver Workshop

The first Driver workshop for companies integrating open source business applications to the Digital Business Ecosystem was held this week in Tampere.

How Open Source boosts local economy

Dave Neary has published a short essay reasoning how investments in Open Source software are five or six times more valuable than investments in US-produced proprietary software:
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Things happening last May

Finally the summer has started here in Finland and it is warm enough to spend time at the summer cottage and swim in the lake. At the same time, my trusty Triumph Legend is again running after its starter problems. Big thanks to, especially as they installed the Kawasaki starter ahead of schedule and under budget!