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How Open Source boosts local economy

Dave Neary has published a short essay reasoning how investments in Open Source software are five or six times more valuable than investments in US-produced proprietary software:
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Things happening last May

Finally the summer has started here in Finland and it is warm enough to spend time at the summer cottage and swim in the lake. At the same time, my trusty Triumph Legend is again running after its starter problems. Big thanks to, especially as they installed the Kawasaki starter ahead of schedule and under budget!
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First running OpenPSA 2.0 component

The development of version 2.0 of OpenPSA, an open source management system for consultancies is now moving rapidly forward. Contrary to original plans, the system is being written using the MidCOM component architecture.
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Itse Valtiaat website launched

The Finnish Broadcasting Company launched today the website for Itse Valtiaat, a popular political satire cartoon series. The site user interface has been built with Flash to provide an interactive and animated world familiar from the series.

Packaging MidCOM with PEAR

The number of components and libraries in MidCOM is raising rapidly, especially as both Aegir and OpenPSA are being rewritten on it. As now all MidCOM packages ship in the distribution, this causes lots of unnecessary clutter on systems.
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MidCOM is becoming the default API

Looking at the recent developments in Midgard CMS space, it looks like the MidCOM, the Midgard Component Framework developed by Torben Nehmer has finally established itself as the default Midgard development framework for PHP.
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Hour approval component for MidCOM

Following Kaukola’s Support ticker viewer and kindly financed by our friends at Protie, we now have a Midgard CMS component that allows customers to view and approve OpenPSA Projects hour reports.
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Search for a Motorcycle Mechanic

In what is becoming a regular spring ritual, the Triumph Legend is again having electric problems, this time with the starter engine.
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First Solo Flight

I flew my first solo flight today as part of PPL(A) pilot training. The morning was sunny with calm wind.