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Notes from the Russian Open Source Forum

Russian Open Source Forum was a gathering of local software companies, Open Source developers and government IT people that brought together about 1500 participants. The event’s celebrities were Jon “Maddog” Hall from Linux International and Larry Wall, the Perl creator.

Going to Russian Open Source Forum

I’m leaving on tuesday to speak in the Open Source Forum in Moscow, Russia. The event will be held in the Radisson SAS Moscow from April 27th to 29th, and I will be back in Helsinki on 30th. My talk, TownPortal: IT Village Project for Danish Communities is scheduled at 5pm on thursday. I will talk both about the actual...
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An Afternoon with Old Technology

After the starter engine of my Triumph Legend signed off the contract last week, I’ve been stranded without a working motorcycle. As most of the days it has been snowing heavily, this hasn’t been much of a problem. However, I thought it would be time to do something. As the bike dealership didn’t seem much concerned about the problem, I...

Photos from Rome online

Torben fixed a bug in the MidCOM gallery that prevented me from uploading large sets of photos, and so I am again able to publish the more easily. To celebrate this, I’ve made the photos from the recent trip to Rome available online in the photo gallery.

Nemein expands to Caucasus

We’ve just announced something interesting, an expansion to the Georgian market. This new development follows the franchising strategy I’ve outlined earlier. This should produce some very interesting business opportunities, and let us focus on internationalization even more strongly than earlier. We already have a translation of the website and OpenPSA to Georgian, with Midgard CMS localizations to follow… Welcome to...

Incompetence at German embassy in Tbilisi (updated)

Taya and Lasha from Nemein Georgia were coming to Helsinki to attend some Midgard training and the MgdSchema Workshop this week. As Finland has no representation in the country, they applied for schengen visas in the German embassy. As planned, they flew to Moscow to take their connecting flight to Helsinki, but were refused to board. The reason, as it...

Creating reusable styles for Midgard

Midgard 1.7 alpha release is now under work, and will ship the Midgard Site Wizard with a new default way for creating websites. The Site Wizard enables developers to create layout templates that can be reused and customized when creating new websites. When a user runs the Site Wizard to create a new website, they will be presented with a...

OpenPSA project in Rome

We’re now spending a week in Rome to get a major OpenPSA development project started. The project is done for the Italian regional competence centers together with the local Midgard consultancy, This project will add much more granular access controls into OpenPSA, and will enable its usage as a more general project communication tool.

Background of "Nemein"

We get asked often about the background of the name Nemein we chose for our Open Source consultancy. As Malarkey is running a thread about this, I took the time to write the explanation down: