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Going to NTC

I’m traveling to the Nonprofit Technology Conference in Chicago, USA tomorrow to present Midgard CMS in the Open Source Content Management “SpeedGeeking” session.

Clarifying datagard

I helped Tigert to install Midgard yesterday, and the project was quite non-trivial. The main issues were:

MidCOM indexer setup notes

Here are short notes on how I installed the MidCOM indexer for a client. The client has an intranet site running on Midgard 1.6 and MidCOM 2.1.0 on Red Hat Linux 7.3. Install MidCOM 2.3 Download MidCOM 2.3 and install it: # cd /usr/local/share/midgard/ # wget # tar jxvf MidCOM-2.3.0.tar.bz2 # ln -s /usr/local/share/midgard/MidCOM-2.3.0 /usr/local/share/midgard/midcom Install the PHP Compat...

MidCOM search engine in production

We’ve today moved the MidCOM search tool into production together with the development release 2.3. Some statistics from Torben:

Flight to Turku, and later to Nummijärvi

We visited the city of Turku in west Finland yesterday with the OH-PRT Piper Lance aircraft flown by Ilkka Koho from MIK. The weather was perfect for aviation, and the snowy Finnish countryside looked beautiful. Here’s our home from the air: Tigert has more good pictures. Thanks to Ilkka and Tuomas for inviting us! Nummijärvi Fly-in On saturday we flew...

End of European Democracy?

Against the decision of European Parliament, the EU Council has approved the software patent directive against its own rules. This was a clear example of how big business lobbies can thwart the democratic process, in this case threatening local IT innovation and opening the door to ridiculous US-style intellectual property lawsuits. This is a sad day for the European economic...

Markdown support for Midgard

Midgard CMS has now support for the Markdown text-to-HTML conversion tool. Markdown is an useful tool for writers that allows creation of web content with a simple text syntax. Markdown is available in MidCOM's CVS repository as datatype_markdown. The tool utilizes Michel Fortin's PHP Markdown parser. To use Markdown for a content field in your MidCOM site, edit the datamanager...

Business according to OpenPSA

Design your product or service. This is the single most important step for business success. You should be clear enough about what you offer to be able to explain it in couple of sentences.

Design new MidCOM UI - Win an iPod Mini

Nemein is sponsoring a contest to design a new user interface to the Midgard Open Source Content Management System. The winning designer will receive an iPod Mini portable music player.

First flying lesson

I had my first flying lesson yesterday. We went to the Helsinki-Malmi airport with Kerttu in the morning to fly with the simulator, and to listen for the MIK flight training briefing. I had booked the first flight for tuesday, but surprisingly there was a cancellation and my instructor agreed to take me for a spin.