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Design new MidCOM UI - Win an iPod Mini

Nemein is sponsoring a contest to design a new user interface to the Midgard Open Source Content Management System. The winning designer will receive an iPod Mini portable music player.

First flying lesson

I had my first flying lesson yesterday. We went to the Helsinki-Malmi airport with Kerttu in the morning to fly with the simulator, and to listen for the MIK flight training briefing. I had booked the first flight for tuesday, but surprisingly there was a cancellation and my instructor agreed to take me for a spin.
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First look at Digital Business Ecosystem

I've spent the last two days in the Digital Business Ecosystem (DBE) Workshop arranged by Hermia Science Park in Tampere. DBE is an EU-funded Open Source technology for enabling small and medium-sized enterprises to work together in P2P fashion.

Easier handling of CSS with MidCOM

The Midgard style templating system was designed back when site layouts were still mostly in-line HTML tables. As such this caused some problems with the new standards-based school of web design, as there it is desirable to place the layouts into separate, linked style sheets.

OpenPSA as a resource planning tool

Centre for Open Source Software (COSS) has published a very nice case study in Finnish about utilizing OpenPSA for resource and work shift planning.

The Viking biathlon

Hiidenhirven hiihto is the annual relay biathlon race between different historical re-enactment clubs in Finland. Kerttu was skiing this year in the Harmaasudet team, and so I went to watch the competition.

Multilingual MidCOM sites

Finland is a country with three official languages, and many organizations here want to provide their websites in multilingual format. While Midgard CMS supports storing multilingual content in same content tree, this is still not widely used. A far more common strategy is to use language prefix URLs. With language prefixes each translation of a site has its own content...

Enabling PermaLink autodetection

Lots of Content Management Systems strive to provide meaningful URLs. With CMSs meaningful URLs usually mean mapping the internal content structure of the system to a filesystem-like tree hierarchy, which has the downside tying the URLs into the site structure. When the site structure is reordered the links can easily be broken. While sensible CMS deployments set up redirectors for...
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Jukka back from hiatus, JCR for Midgard

We had a pretty interesting meeting with Jukka Zitting in Ilves last night. Jukka is the original author of the Midgard CMS, and has been on hiatus from the project since 2000. Now he has started his own company, Yukatan with plans of providing JCR-based integration services for Content Management Systems.
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Revised discussion forum for Midgard

This week I've been working on revising the Midgard discussion forum component to a usable shape. While the old version was OK when dynamically loaded as a comment system for blog postings or photos, it lacked the functionalities needed to make it a real forum.