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Multilingual MidCOM sites

Finland is a country with three official languages, and many organizations here want to provide their websites in multilingual format. While Midgard CMS supports storing multilingual content in same content tree, this is still not widely used. A far more common strategy is to use language prefix URLs. With language prefixes each translation of a site has its own content...

Enabling PermaLink autodetection

Lots of Content Management Systems strive to provide meaningful URLs. With CMSs meaningful URLs usually mean mapping the internal content structure of the system to a filesystem-like tree hierarchy, which has the downside tying the URLs into the site structure. When the site structure is reordered the links can easily be broken. While sensible CMS deployments set up redirectors for...
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Jukka back from hiatus, JCR for Midgard

We had a pretty interesting meeting with Jukka Zitting in Ilves last night. Jukka is the original author of the Midgard CMS, and has been on hiatus from the project since 2000. Now he has started his own company, Yukatan with plans of providing JCR-based integration services for Content Management Systems.
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Revised discussion forum for Midgard

This week I've been working on revising the Midgard discussion forum component to a usable shape. While the old version was OK when dynamically loaded as a comment system for blog postings or photos, it lacked the functionalities needed to make it a real forum.

Bad taxi day

During the winter there is no motorcycling to be had, and so I use public transportation. To get to and from urgent meetings I usually take a taxi. The taxis in Helsinki region are usually very nice and high-techy. The drivers use a moving map GPS systems for orienteering, and the taxis can be called via SMS. The SMS ordering...

EU agriculture ministers threaten again with software patents

EU ministers of agriculture will have a fishery meeting on Jan 24th. The meeting agenda includes software patents. The agriculture ministers tried to make a decision on the new European Patent directive earlier, but the Polish agriculture minister, Wlodzimierz Marcinski saved European software business by requesting the withdrawal of patents from the agenda. I've written the following (in Finnish) to...
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Site creation wizard runs

Yesterday I got the mRFC 0007 compliant Site Creation Wizard for Midgard CMS into feature-complete state for phase one. This enables Midgard users and developers to test and comment the tool while I refine the user interface and help texts. Here's a screenshot tour of the current wizard

Midgard site creation wizard

After quite some planning, I've today started coding a site creation wizard for Midgard CMS. The goal of this wizard is to make the Midgard learning curve less steep for new users and the site creation process more efficient. The specifications for the wizard can be found in mRFC 0007: Midgard Site Creation Wizard.

Adding categories to a Midgard blog

Hot on the heels of my previous Midgard CMS tutorial, "Creating custom navigation with MidCOM, here is a new one about adding categories to a Midgard-powered blog. I've written this in response to Robert Guerra's questions. Midgard CMS contains a powerful PHP-level data abstraction layer called datamanager. With datamanager it is possible to freely modify the content fields and editing...