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Comparing Midgard and WordPress

There has been some discussion on the Midgard IRC channel comparing Midgard CMS to the WordPress blogging system. Adam Douglas commented:

New layout for OpenPSA

As Eero has rolled out OpenPSA 1.10, I thought it would be time to update the visual outlook of the project. Before: After: What do you think? Next we will need a logo for OpenPSA. I will announce a logo contest soon.

Happy new year!

Happy new year to everybody, especially in the Midgard community! I was going to post something about how the Midgard world will look like in 2005, but Kaukola got ahead of me. This year has been a very good one for the project, and the next promises even greater advances and exciting new technologies. There are also looks at PHP...
cover image for Where have you been?

Where have you been?

Related to yesterday's geolocation post, these maps seems to be the current meme on Planet Debian: This summer's trip added another 9 to the sum. Create your own visited countries map. The map is very similar to the ones generated by the World66, an open content travel guide.

iSync woes with Sony Ericsson K700i

My old Nokia 6820 phone had a weird issue that made it keep the backlight of the keyboard lit all times. This made the battery run out in less than a day, which was very irritating. As Kaukola had praised the Sony Ericsson K700i I decided to buy one for myself. Obviously the first thing I tried with it was...

Adding location awareness to blogs

I've today updated my blog to display the location the post was made from. The location is linked to blog postings, photos and moblog entries based on their timestamps. This is done by maintaining a database of locations with the times I've been in them in Midgard CMS. To report a new location I simply send an SMS containing the...

Bourgeois Christmas

This Christmas breaks away from an old tradition honored by a group of my friends. Since '96 we've gathered to spend the holidays together, eating and drinking vast quantities. As the Suicide Surfers are away, this Xmas will be different. Joe complains: Relating to traditions, I just heard yesterday, that some pigs have lost their wings and adapted to the...

Midgard's aggregator now supports multiple encodings

I've today upgraded the RSS and Atom news aggregator of Midgard CMS, net.nemein.rss to utilize the latest Magpie RSS release. The main new feature in Magpie 0.71 is support for multiple character encodings. This means that news aggregators like Planet Midgard can now safely read feeds whether they are in UTF-8, ISO-latin-1 or some other encoding and trust that they...

Two new Midgard buttons

Alexey Zakhlestine has designed two new "Powered by Midgard" buttons users can display on their site to support the CMS project:

Historical Helsinki-Malmi Airport Threatened

The secondary airport of Helsinki and an important historical monument, Helsinki-Malmi (EFHF) is now under threat of demolition from the City planning council. This would rid Helsinki of its only airport accessible to smaller planes and effectively kill a whole branch of Finnish aviation industry. Threat to aviation and security Closing Helsinki-Malmi would remove Finland of its second-busiest airport. In...