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Midgard as the modern-day Hansa

I really like this comment in CMS Watch's latest Web Content Management Marketplace article:

Midgard will have integrated search

Today we secured funding from two clients for developing an integrated search engine into the Midgard CMS. The project will be undertaken by Torben Nehmer and will also improve Midgard's metadata capabilities.

Gotchas for new Midgardians

Based on some chats today and yesterday with Privaterra and others, here are couple typical new Midgardian gotchas: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted when trying to create a subtopicCurrently MidCOM's component listing used in the "Create subtopic" dialog needs quite a bit of memory. While solution is being planned, the easier way is to edit your...

Creating custom navigation with MidCOM

One frequent question I see on #midgard is how to customize the default navigation options shipping with the MidCOM template site. In my opinion, there are two options: Either stick with the existing navigation styles and customize via CSS, or roll your own in PHP.

Comparing Midgard and WordPress

There has been some discussion on the Midgard IRC channel comparing Midgard CMS to the WordPress blogging system. Adam Douglas commented:

New layout for OpenPSA

As Eero has rolled out OpenPSA 1.10, I thought it would be time to update the visual outlook of the project. Before: After: What do you think? Next we will need a logo for OpenPSA. I will announce a logo contest soon.

Happy new year!

Happy new year to everybody, especially in the Midgard community! I was going to post something about how the Midgard world will look like in 2005, but Kaukola got ahead of me. This year has been a very good one for the project, and the next promises even greater advances and exciting new technologies. There are also looks at PHP...
cover image for Where have you been?

Where have you been?

Related to yesterday's geolocation post, these maps seems to be the current meme on Planet Debian: This summer's trip added another 9 to the sum. Create your own visited countries map. The map is very similar to the ones generated by the World66, an open content travel guide.

iSync woes with Sony Ericsson K700i

My old Nokia 6820 phone had a weird issue that made it keep the backlight of the keyboard lit all times. This made the battery run out in less than a day, which was very irritating. As Kaukola had praised the Sony Ericsson K700i I decided to buy one for myself. Obviously the first thing I tried with it was...

Adding location awareness to blogs

I've today updated my blog to display the location the post was made from. The location is linked to blog postings, photos and moblog entries based on their timestamps. This is done by maintaining a database of locations with the times I've been in them in Midgard CMS. To report a new location I simply send an SMS containing the...