Midgard as the modern-day Hansa

I really like this comment in CMS Watch's latest Web Content Management Marketplace article:

Even the open-source project Midgard has found a base of sorts in Scandinavia, and has grown through a loose network of developers around the Baltic Sea into a kind of new CMS Hanseatic League.
(Trend #2, Vikings Cometh?)

When you look at the Midgard Who's Who, most of the active developers really are from the ancient Hansa countries around the Baltic sea. Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Germany, Poland, Belarus. This doesn't limit the developer community only to a particular area, but it shows where Midgard is most widely deployed.

The Hansa comparison works quite well, as the historical Hansa was a network of cities collaborating to provide better security and trade access to their merchants. Similarly the Midgard Community is a network of software developers collaborating to provide a better content management system to their clients.

Some of the other trends sound familiar as well. Midgard has always worked "beyond Internet Explorer" (trend #5), and more so after Midas brought WYSIWYG editing into Mozilla 1.3 in 2003. As reported yesterday, Midgard will also gain repository search (trend #6) in next month or two.

The call and requirement for Simplicity (trend #4) is also there. Midgard user interfaces have grown quite feature-packed, and steps must be taken to simplify and make them more intelligent. Projects like GNOMEgard desktop integration, datagard installer and the site creation wizard aim at this. But in addition to those, the whole Midgard developer community must learn to work more closely with usability guidelines.

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