VIE - Decoupled content management moves forward

My posts on Decoupling Content Management, and especially the introduction to the "build a CMS, no forms allowed" approach we took with Midgard Create have generated a lot of interest.

When I first presented the approach in the recent Aloha Editor Developer Conference, many CMSs wanted to do something similar. And so we decided to strip the Midgard-specific parts out and make the tool a generic JavaScript library. As part of this work, the library was adopted by the IKS project and named VIE, or "Vienna IKS Editables". There first CMS implementations of VIE included WordPress, TYPO3 and KaraCos, with more on their way.

To get started with VIE, check these pages out:

In addition to Midgard Create, one of the first projects I'm implementing with VIE is Palsu, an interactive meeting tool powered by Node.js and It should explain the power of VIE outside of the traditional CMS space.

Update: VIE is now also available on npm:

npm install vie

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