Flight to Turku, and later to Nummijärvi

We visited the city of Turku in west Finland yesterday with the OH-PRT Piper Lance aircraft flown by Ilkka Koho from MIK. The weather was perfect for aviation, and the snowy Finnish countryside looked beautiful.

OH-PRT on Turku airport apron

Here’s our home from the air:

Viiskulma from the air

Tigert has more good pictures.

Touching down to Malmi

Thanks to Ilkka and Tuomas for inviting us!

Nummijärvi Fly-in

On saturday we flew to the Nummijärvi Fly-In meeting with the Alpha-Yankee C172. Very interesting event arranged on a airport built on lake ice, I even got on a short spin in a Morane Rally. Tigert has again a bunch of pictures.

In the other news…

This is my first blog post using the new Midgard support for the Markdown syntax. Really nice and productive! It is even possible to configure MarsEdit to use Markdown for previews.