OpenPSA as a resource planning tool

Centre for Open Source Software (COSS) has published a very nice case study in Finnish about utilizing OpenPSA for resource and work shift planning.

Here are quick translations of some key quotes:

The Open Source application OpenPSA turned out to be the best solution when Pihlajalinnan lääkärit Oy, a company renting medical doctors was looking for a resource planning tool.

"We were able to immediately choose the modules we needed and leave out all the unnecessary features from OpenPSA. Customization work required much less programming than in closed solutions", said board member Heikki Aatola from Pihlajalinnan lääkärit Oy board.

Nemein, the consultancy that deployed the OpenPSA solution gets praise from the client.

"Cooperation with Nemein went well. Right from the beginning they were able to explain the solution clearly. We understood immediately how OpenPSA works, what customization would be required, and how much the needed operations would cost. This is unfortunately not what can be said about most other service providers", said doctor Ville Ojanen.

OpenPSA is a freely available Professional Services Automation system built on top of the Midgard Framework.