OpenPSA project in Rome

We’re now spending a week in Rome to get a major OpenPSA development project started. The project is done for the Italian regional competence centers together with the local Midgard consultancy, This project will add much more granular access controls into OpenPSA, and will enable its usage as a more general project communication tool.

While we sit in the meetings with Alessio from, Kerttu is touring the sights of the city. We’re looking forward with Rambo to also doing the tourist thing this weekend. However, we’ll have to see how much the trouble brewing in Vatican will affect our options, as countless pilgrims and mourners flock to the city.

Kerttu and Bergie on St. Peter's square

Yesterday we went through the list of new features needed for OpenPSA. These include:

  • Switching from hierarchical departments to more flexible concept of “workgroups”
  • Having different access levels to all data, including “private”, “workgroup private” and “public”
  • Versioning and indexing of documents
  • Jabber Instant Messaging presence notifications
  • Discussion forum integration

To make these happen, we have defined a new object-oriented architecture for OpenPSA and will migrate all main modules to use it. You can also check out’s conceptual demo for CRC.

Castle San Angelo and the Tiber river

The new OpenPSA architecture will help also with the eventual MgdSchema migration.