OpenPSA Project Started

Work done today:
  • Creating the OpenPSA project website at
  • Setting up new, clean development database with Nemein.Net nightly build and SpiderAdmin
  • Moving localization libraries from under NemeinLocalization to their correct module snippetdirs
  • Switching old Evaluation Key system into Testimonials registration system
  • Setting up the OpenPSA project at Tigris
  • Started collecting beta participants
TODOs for tomorrow:
  • Change all instances of Nemein.Net to OpenPSA in the application
  • Make first CVS commit
  • Add first documentation to the website
  • Add first screenshots to the website
  • Add initial product descriptions to the website
  • Release first beta
  • Subscribe the RSS aggregator on website to Kaukola's and Rambo's blog feeds
Updated 2004-04-15: We're still looking for some beta testers. Let me know if you're interested. OpenPSA requires a working Midgard installation to run.