First Solo Flight

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I flew my first solo flight today as part of PPL(A) pilot training. The morning was sunny with calm wind.

The flight was in traffic circuit of RWY 36 of the Helsinki-Malmi airport with Cessna 152 OH-COF. As the weather was smooth the 6 landings were quite easy.

This was an important step in the training program. I have now 21h35 in my log book. More solo flights are planned for the weekend…

Flying solo near Porvoo

Updated 2005-05-07: I did two more solo flights today, on OH-KLS and OH-CTH respectively. There was quite heavy traffic including gliders and a DC-3 on EFHF, and so both flights were to the practice area on Sipoo bay. Very nice weather with about 6 knots of wind from east and the runway 09 in use.

I got to practice some VOR navigation using to PORVOO beacon to circle the Kilpilahti oil refinery and HEL beacon to pinpoint correct angle to the NOKKA reporting point. The photo above is from the first flight and was taken above Kalkkiranta.