The trouble with Frameworks

Andy Smith has noticed he doesn’t like frameworks:

Frameworks suck because they are an avatar of enterprise, frameworks suck because they take away your freedom, frameworks suck because they build walls between coders, frameworks suck because they make you fit your project to the toolset rather than the toolset to the project, and frameworks suck because they take the fun out of programming, long live the library.

Being actively involved with some frameworks, I can both agree with his interoperability concerns, and disagree about the usefulness of having a consistent framework dozens of applications run seamlessly in.

The nice thing about MidCOM is that nowadays building cool applications from scratch requires only writing the business logic layer, and telling the framework how to handle the rest. And when the component is done, it can be used together with other components in a consistent and integrated fashion.

Updated 2005-07-21: Seems that having frameworks around Planet PHP is also chafing some people.

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