Mapping the Midgard community

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Midgard 1.7, the first release sporting Midgard2 features like MgdSchema and Query Builder was released today. To celebrate this, I made a new design for the website, following the “Prepare for the New Day” slogan:

Midgard site circa 2005-07-25

The photo in the bottom right corner is from our climb to Drakensberg with the Ungana-Afrika people.

While posting the layout to the site, I was reminded about the xplanet maps the GNOME and Debian communities have. After thinking about this for a moment, I decided it would be easy to generate the same information from the Midgard Who’s Who.

Here’s a small example, with also bigger ones available:

Small Midgard developer map

If you’re interested in doing something similar, I’ve posted a quick tutorial.

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