Undeletion in Midgard

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A trash can feature for Midgard was discussed originally in the 2006 Komorniki Midgard developer meeting, and the APIs for it made their way into the 1.8.0 release. Yesterday I added trash can browsing and undeletion support into Asgard, the new administrative interface.

To use it, first delete a folder:


Currently we ask for confirmation, but now that undeletion works we’re going to move to undo instead.


Then, to undelete it we enter Asgard:


And there to folders (topics), where we see that there are items in trash:


Clicking the trash can reveals more details:


Clicking undelete will undelete the folder and things under it, giving a set of informative status bubbles:


Going back to the site we can see that the folder and articles under it are there, with even images retrieved from trash:


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