First look at the new AIS

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AIS, the Authoring Interface System in Midgard CMS is now getting a new look. The tables and old HTML are now gone, replaced by much more streamlined XHTML and CSS.

Technology is not the only change, however. We’ve now recognized the two different uses of the system, and provide different UI styles for them. A button for switching between them is available, and the interface remembers the user’s preference

  • Aegir style is a comprehensive content and site administration tool used by administrators. It will contain both the authoring features and the administrative capabilities of old Aegir CMS

  • Simple style is a further simplification of the current AIS targeted mainly at users who are hopping in and out of the administrative mode using the Edit this page links on their MidCOM site

I did some basic CSS work for the Simple version of AIS today.

The main view of AIS now combines the different toolbars into a unified item, and hides the navigation by default to give more room for the content being edited. Typography comes from the site style.

Simple AIS with hidden navigation

To go to manage another part of the MidCOM site, user can expand the navigation by clicking the “location arrow”.

Simple AIS with navigation shown

Get the new AIS from MidCOM CVS.

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