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Gizmo and the new Skype UI

While I appreciate the fact that Gizmo uses open standards for internet telephony, and that it is available for my Nokia 770, it still has to be mentioned that its user interface has a lot to learn from the latest Skype beta. You just have to love the simple, purpose-driven UI:

Big changes in the MidCOM project

Late July sees a lot of changes in the Midgard Components Framework project. Since its appearance in March 2003, MidCOM has established itself as the standard way of building and managing Midgard CMS sites.

Help GNOME choose its CMS

The GNOME desktop project from which Midgard also gets a bunch of libraries is now choosing a CMS for its website.
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Back on duty

Summer holiday is now over, and as Tigert put it, we made it to Gibraltar.
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When summer calls...

…you have to follow. Next updates from me will happen sometime in late July.
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Synchronization and the Free Software Desktop in GUADEC

We held the Feeds, Synchronization and the Free Software Desktop talk with Tigert today. Despite the Fluendo party the night before, there was a quite good crowd in the old Museu Balaguer library.
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Easy midsummer and Barcelona

Traditionally Finns spend the Midsummer in the countryside, and we usually follow suit. However, this midsummer both of the summer cottages were booked so we decided to take the weekend easy.
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The Midgard Position

I’ve committed the first working version of Midgard’s geopositioning system into CVS today. The library makes it really easy to add location information to users and objects, and to find things that are close to each other.