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Internet Tablet OS 2006 beta is out

I’ve just downloaded the Internet Tablet OS 2006 edition Beta to my Nokia 770. The software feels a lot faster, and the new features are really cool.
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Eating our own dogfood

This tuesday was the “day of the beast”, and we decided to finally eat our own dogfood and deploy OpenPsa 2 into production.
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Remembering how to fly

Suomenlinna island fortress Kerttu had her entry exams to the Biological faculty of University of Helsinki yesterday, and therefore she is now free to enjoy the summer. To mark that, we decided to go flying a bit around Espoo and Porvoo. The runway 27 was in use so we took the plane out through Nokka and returned later through Deger....

Web goes lowercase

Tony Byrne of CMS Watch notes that there is nothing special about the web any more:
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More on secure instant messaging

We have now been using Jabber and Psi for secure instant messaging with client and partners for some months. However, I haven’t been completely happy with this setup for several reasons:
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MidCOM's new ACL editor released

MidCOM has had a comprehensive Access Control Lists system since last summer, but its usage has been hindered by lack of an easy management tool. That is now fixed with the first stable release of the Midgard ACL editor.
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Clearing the photo backlog

I’ve been totally swamped by the number of photos taken during the last eight months of travel, and am lagging badly behind on publishing the photos. To help sort things out, I’ve now registered a Flickr account.