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Crna Gora voted for independence

Montenegro (Crna Gora in the slavic languages) voted for independence yesterday. Hopefully the split from Serbia happens peacefully.
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Midgard2 is becoming reality

Piotras remarked that the process started in East European Midgard Developer Meeting three years ago to build a Midgard 2 on top of the glib library is now a reality.
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Maemo Mapper takes us closer to the Hitchhiker's Guide

I’ve written before how Nokia 770 is the real Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The device already gives an ubiquitous access to the web, and now with the upcoming new OS release, to Jabber chat and VoIP calls.

What to demand from Open Source contractors

We’re currently struggling over contract terms related to a large outsourced Open Source development project. As the intellectual property terms seem to be difficult to many I thought to summarize the terms I feel comfortable with:
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OpenPsa2: Minor features matter

We’re in process of making a new beta release of OpenPsa 2. While there are new major features like sales project management and phone interview support, I wanted to also mention some of the small things that are happening.
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Midgard's new toolbar

Arttu and others at the office are now tuning the Midgard UI with these goals
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On the burning of VR Makasiinit

VR Makasiinit, the old railway transfer terminal from late 19th century burned down on friday. We were on the way home from opera when the main street of Helsinki was closed and a dark plume of smoke towered above the city.
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Motorcycles and targeted marketing

Last night I got SMS spam from Moto-Seinäjoki, a motorcycle dealer in the bothnia region of Finland, quite far from here. The message was advertising the possibility of test driving some of their new Honda range.