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OpenPsa2: Minor features matter

We’re in process of making a new beta release of OpenPsa 2. While there are new major features like sales project management and phone interview support, I wanted to also mention some of the small things that are happening.
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Midgard's new toolbar

Arttu and others at the office are now tuning the Midgard UI with these goals
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On the burning of VR Makasiinit

VR Makasiinit, the old railway transfer terminal from late 19th century burned down on friday. We were on the way home from opera when the main street of Helsinki was closed and a dark plume of smoke towered above the city.
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Motorcycles and targeted marketing

Last night I got SMS spam from Moto-Seinäjoki, a motorcycle dealer in the bothnia region of Finland, quite far from here. The message was advertising the possibility of test driving some of their new Honda range.
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Fellow of FSF Europe

I met the Free Software Foundation Europe president Georg Greve in the FISL 7.0 conference two weeks ago. Seems like the organization is doing lots of good fighting software patents and other threats here in Europe.
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Maemo and Free Software Innovation

Today I went to see Tim Ney’s talk about Free Software Innovation in the 7th FISL conference here in Brazil. The talk started with a birthday greeting for Queen Elizabeth II.
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Digital Business Ecosystem in FISL

I just finished my Digital Business Ecosystem talk in the 7th International Free Software Forum, Porto Alegre.
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In Brazil now

After a 24 hour trip from Helsinki I arrived yesterday to Porto Alegre, where the 7th International Free Software Forum will be held. I have to say I'm happy to be again in sunny Brazil. The people are very friendly, and the Free Software community here is amazing. My Digital Business Ecosystem talk will be tomorrow at 10am in the...
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Midgard for Mac

Thanks to Jyrki Wahlstedt there is now a new way to install Midgard CMS on a Mac: DarwinPorts.
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Thinking about GUADEC

This year’s GUADEC will be held in Catalonia on Jun 24th - 30th. We’ve left a proposal with Tuomas, so I hope I will be able to attend.