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That time of the year

A couple days ago the world was full of snow, but now the weather has cleared and we can ride again!
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From mailing lists to forums

The Midgard mailing lists have been offline for a while because their hosting provider has been having some issues. To fix the problem we decided to move from regular email lists to an online forum powered by the net.nemein.discussion component.

Performance tips for MidCOM 2.5

We just ported a portal containing tens of thousands of documents from Abako Stato to Midgard CMS. Content conversion was done using Exorcist as usual.
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Securing Instant Messaging

For quite a while we have been using IRC for instant messaging and company internal chat. IRC is handy for it, especially as we’ve been able to set up some bots to secure our own channels.

MidCOM PEAR channel upgraded

The MidCOM PEAR channel has now been upgraded to the Chiara_PEAR_Server version of PEAR channel serving. The upgrade went mostly painlessly following Greg Beaver’s instructions.
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Getting my morning news

In order to make my news-reading process less time consuming, I’ve now switched from NetNewsWire running all the time on my PowerBook to the Bloglines web service primarily used through my Nokia 770 handheld browser.
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Goin' to Texas

2006-03-24 08:25Z: We left San Francisco in the morning and have followed the coastal US-101. Santa Barbara is now behind us as we approach LA.

Two years of blogging

I started this blog on March 19th 2004. 332 entries and two years later it is time to reflect whether blogging makes sense.