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Yulia Tymoshenko on a bike

It has to be said the Ukrainian political advertising scena has changed quite a bit from what I saw during the Orange Revolution.

These are allegedly real photos of the pre-election posters for Yulia Tymoshenko - nicknamed “the Orange Princess” - one of the leaders of the Orange revolution in Ukraine. Her party came in second in the recent general election with ~22.4% of votes.

Via Boing Boing.

During the revolution the streets were mostly filled with orange banners and stickers saying “Tak, Yushchenko” (Yes, Yushchenko). And Yulia’s new campaign has apparently worked:

Tymoshenko re-energized her Bloc and entered the parliamentary elections of March 2006 as its leader, earning an estimated 130 seats, causing speculation that Yushchenko’s Our Ukraine party and Bloc Yulia Tymoshenko may unite in coalition (with the Socialist Party of Ukraine) in order to keep the Party of Regions from gaining power. She again stated her desire to become Prime Minister in such a coalition. Her party would be the biggest party in a reformed “Orange Coalition”.

Via Wikipedia.