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Road trip preparations

We will have a quite interesting drive from Dallas to EclipseCon next week:

If your iSync ever stops working

Every now and then iSync simply stops working. Apart from the other problems, I’m seeing a lot of “Unable to connect”.
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One Six Right on Google Video

One Six Right, the documentary about the Van Nuys General Aviation airport in Los Angeles is available on Google Video (Updated: not available)
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Sown Viking ship's trip report

Mika Naimark has posted his trip report of the Shnjaka sown ship expedition last summer:
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Viking biathlon 2006

Kerttu was skiing in the Harmaasudet team, and so I went to watch the Hiidenhirven hiihto ancient biathlon contest. The tradition has been bringing together Living History groups from all over Finland every winter since 1999.

On simple business applications

Sproutit’s Charles Jolley talks about how Web 2.0 applications make things easy for small businesses:
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Ben Hammersley and iWeb

Ben Hammersley has gone to the iWeb side, making his blog image-only. Some commentation is available: