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Decluttering process

During this week we’ve hauled about one and half Land Rover loads of furniture and old stuff to recycling.
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OpenPsa will have real SyncML

We have just contracted Yukatan to work on integrating SyncML support into OpenPsa 2. The idea is to enable users to synchronize their web-based calendar and contact registry with cell phones, PDAs and Outlook.

Networking and microcorporations

Internet community specialist Petja Jäppinen is blogging about his new business venture on

Cars and commuting

Arttu from Protie is analyzing his car habit. Up comes the environmental aspect:
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Trying out Camino

Camino is the Mozilla family browser tailored for Mac desktop. Version 1.0 was released on Feb 14th, and I’m now trying it as a new default browser to replace Firefox:

Some notes about Placeopedia

I sent some notes to the Placeopedia team. Placeopedia is a service connecting Wikipedia pages with their locations on the map.

MidCOM and browser cache

Tarjei was experiencing problems with MidCOM’s cache system:
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iSync and disappearing records

It seems Apple’s iSync and Sony-Ericsson phones are having a severe synchronization problem this month. Rambo had an alarming story: