Ben Hammersley and iWeb

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Ben Hammersley has gone to the iWeb side, making his blog image-only. Some commentation is available:

Why not publish in PDF if you’re going to go against the web’s grain anyway? That gets you frictionless publishing tools.

iWeb is Apple’s new “every man’s publishing tool” that seems to lean back to the web of the late nineties. Text is images, URLs are horrible and the HTML is messy.

The way I noticed Ben’s change was that his feed became almost impossible to read in NetNewsWire, causing me to unsubscribe:

iWeb feed in NetNewsWire

Come on, Apple! First the iCal .Mac synchronization lock-in, then the PhotoCast mess, and now this. It makes me wonder if anybody at Apple gets the web at all…

At least there is a Greasemonkey plugin for making iWeb pages readable in case you ever need that.

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