On simple business applications

Sproutit’s Charles Jolley talks about how Web 2.0 applications make things easy for small businesses:

Here is the simple fact: business software costs too much for small business. And there is nothing the big software companies can do to fix it. They can’t drop the enough features, they can’t reduce the price enough. That’s because it’s not so much the cost of the software that is the problem—its the cost of maintenance.

And Joe Suicide talks about fixing the problem of direct marketing:

In targeting your campaign you need tools. Probably the most important is the register. In register you have all the information you can get. Problem with a register is the fast corruption of information. People move, change e-mail addresses, change jobs, retire or die. With current tools in most of the offices doing direct marketing this leads to endless loop of sending mail to places and addresses not in existence anymore. This is inevitable.

What is not inevitable is the handwork of fixing those registers one by one switching between one’s e-mail and spreadsheet. This is an area where it is easy to change lives in offices little bit more bearable.

We’re working on OpenPsa 2 to solve the simple, common business problems with open source software. Instead of building complex information architectures we want to make it easier to collect meeting notes, track tasks with subcontractors, keep customers up-to-date and handle incoming questions.