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Going to California and Brazil

With these two recent conference invitations, it looks like the spring will be extremely busy.
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Current web design trends

Web Design from Scratch has a pretty good analysis of the current style in web design:
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Joel Spolsky on AJAX calendars

There is a new Joel on Software post about calendars. Lets see how the OpenPsa 2 calendar fares with his feature requirements:

Get MidCOM from a PEAR channel

Since completing MidCOM’s PEAR 1.4 packaging the main remaining issue of making MidCOM installation user-friendly has been setting up a channel. This is now done, and MidCOM 2.5 can be installed in the following way:
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First day with Nokia 770

I had the Nokia 770 web browser device waiting on my desk as I returned from South Africa. 770 is a nice, small, Linux-powered internet appliance that is able to utilize either a WLAN connection, or mobile phone’s connection via Bluetooth.
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The Mountains Burn

Slopes of the Table Mountain and Signal Hill bordering the city of Cape Town have been on fire since yesterday afternoon. Yesterday the smoke cloud covered the whole city centre, making the sun appear only as a thin red disc in the sky.

Open Source and Web 2.0

Dave Johnson seems concerned that Web 2.0 and Open Source seem mutually exclusive:

Four Things

I’m giving over for the latest blog meme while waiting for a connection to the local Midgard server here. For some reason the firewall blocks pretty much everything…
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MidCOM PEAR 1.4 packaging works

After a bit of discussion and goading from the PEAR community, we decided to package MidCOM for the package.xml 2.0 format and only support PEAR 1.4 or newer.