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Some notes about Placeopedia

I sent some notes to the Placeopedia team. Placeopedia is a service connecting Wikipedia pages with their locations on the map.

MidCOM and browser cache

Tarjei was experiencing problems with MidCOM’s cache system:
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iSync and disappearing records

It seems Apple’s iSync and Sony-Ericsson phones are having a severe synchronization problem this month. Rambo had an alarming story:

Going to California and Brazil

With these two recent conference invitations, it looks like the spring will be extremely busy.
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Current web design trends

Web Design from Scratch has a pretty good analysis of the current style in web design:
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Joel Spolsky on AJAX calendars

There is a new Joel on Software post about calendars. Lets see how the OpenPsa 2 calendar fares with his feature requirements:

Get MidCOM from a PEAR channel

Since completing MidCOM’s PEAR 1.4 packaging the main remaining issue of making MidCOM installation user-friendly has been setting up a channel. This is now done, and MidCOM 2.5 can be installed in the following way:
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First day with Nokia 770

I had the Nokia 770 web browser device waiting on my desk as I returned from South Africa. 770 is a nice, small, Linux-powered internet appliance that is able to utilize either a WLAN connection, or mobile phone’s connection via Bluetooth.