Some notes about Placeopedia

I sent some notes to the Placeopedia team. Placeopedia is a service connecting Wikipedia pages with their locations on the map.

I would be a good idea to switch Placeopedia to use Google Maps hybrid mode, as there are no maps for places outside US and UK.

Try this for example

Doesn’t make much sense before you click “Hybrid”.

It is easy to make the Google Map Hybrid Mode by default. Simply call map.setMapType(G_HYBRID_TYPE);

Anyway, thanks for making this great service! Position data really adds to the Wikipedia experience.

Since you provide nice “things near this coordinate” RSS feed I’ve been thinking about building a tool based on Plazes and that.

BTW, are there any plans to synchronize the Placeopedia data with Wikipedia itself?

I noticed the map mode issue when trying to place Petja’s question.

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