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iPhoto, PhotoCasting and standards

I’m using Apple’s iPhoto on my PowerBook to manage the thousands of travel pictures. Lately the application has become very slow and unstable, and I was already preparing mentally to switch to F-Spot. Because of this, I was happy to hear that the new iPhoto 6 supports managing over 250k photos in the archive.

Concerns with working over the web

I posted yesterday about switching to Web 2.0 business applications. However, when organizations do this they should be aware of the other side of it: privacy. Boing Boing notes:
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African miracles

I’m going to Cape Town next week to work on a project coordinated by the City of Tampere. The trip will be a welcome diversion from the current -22°C weather here in Finland.

Working over the web

There have been some interesting posts lately about switching to use hosted “Web 2.0” applications as the main IT infrastructure. Jukka Zitting writes:
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How OpenPsa uses DBE

I’m writing this in the DBE Project Review in chilly Tampere. Looking at lot of the presentations, it seems to be a common view that actual end-user businesses would be using tools like the DBE Studio to model their business and services.

Midgard Wiki rewritten

I’ve spent some time yesterday and today rewriting the Midgard Wiki software to the new MidCOM architecture. Major changes include:

This is the future

The Cyberpunk future predicted seems to be here now:

RSS and its shortcomings

RSS syndication is a very useful technology that helps keeping track of hundreds of changing websites. With enclosure support it also enables fetching podcasts directly into your music player or software updates into the desktop.