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Happy New Year, and a look back at 2005

We spent the New Year’s Eve at our favorite rock star’s place having sauna, and welcoming the new year with Pikkuoravat, Verka Serduchka and Sovetskoe Shampanskoe. Globalization was really showing through, with SMS messages arriving in several languages and from several different time zones. Some samples:

Delaying OpenPsa 2 beta release

We wanted to make the beta release of OpenPsa2 this week. However, there are two issues preventing this for now:
cover image for Another Family Christmas

Another Family Christmas

We had the traditional Xmas party last night, and despite Joe’s earlier angst almost the whole family attended, including Joe Suicide, Johnnie-Boy and our favorite rock star, Skoll of Surma fame. Jay Surfer was planning to come, but got lost somewhere in the way between Vallila and Ullanlinna.

Implementing RTFM as a policy

We are now doing some reorganization in cooperation with the support provider Protie. Part of the change is to split our team more clearly between OpenPsa development and CMS deployments. To make things easier and support the community documentation efforts, we’re planning to implement a new policy: RTFM.

Looking at the PHP workflow options

We have recently been contracted to develop a new workflow engine on top of OpenPsa to support different pharmacovigilance and drug regulatory processes from the viewpoint of a drug manufacturer.

EFFI on the Black December of Digital Rights

Kai Puolamäki from Electronic Frontier Finland (EFFI) has a very good blog post in Finnish summarizing the recent developments in digital rights: