Implementing RTFM as a policy

We are now doing some reorganization in cooperation with the support provider Protie. Part of the change is to split our team more clearly between OpenPsa development and CMS deployments. To make things easier and support the community documentation efforts, we’re planning to implement a new policy: RTFM.

RTFM is an initialism for the statement “Read The Fucking Manual”. This instruction is usually given in response to a question which the responder knows or believes can be answered easily by reading relevant documentation, and suggests that the inquirer may be wasting people’s time.

The idea with RTFM is that when the guys from the deployment team need to ask something, we have to be able to reply by giving them an URL in Midgard Wiki or OpenPsa Documentation.

As lots of stuff is not available in the online docs, this means that we will have to add it to be able to send a link. Will be interesting to see how well this works.