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PEAR packager tries to be too smart

When trying to PEAR-package MidCOM components with our new pear-package.php utility I ran into this error message:

Midgard's new style engine

As a way to resolve the style engine dispute in the Midgard community, I asked Jukka to arbitrate. He posted his proposal for the Midgard Style Engine V2.0 yesterday, and after a bit of discussion it entered mRFC process. The proposal was accepted today with 7 +1 votes from the developers.

Web trends for 2006

It is December now, and my RSS reader is filling up with predictions for the year 2006. Here are snippets from some good ones:
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Updates from Florianopolis

Here are some updates while reading the news in the SOLISC speakers’ room: Yesterday’s session on DBE went well, with Anahuac doing the translation. The session was held in a slot shared with Izabel’s GNOME talk. After the days’ programs we returned to the Dolphin House for dinner.

Midgard for media agencies

Codey from Indian Express is wondering about aesthetics and sensibilities of CMS:

Digital Business Ecosystem slides from Curitiba

My DBE tutorial in Fórum GNOME went quite well. Learning from the translation issues in Saturday’s Midgard tutorial, this time the presentation was held in the main auditorium of LatinoWare Mercosul with simultaneous translation.
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Midgard slides from Curitiba

I had my Midgard tutorial in Fórum GNOME today, and it turned out to be a near disaster. English is not very widely spoken in Brazil, and my audience couldn’t really follow my talk. Luckily GIMP developer João Bueno came to the rescue and acted as an excellent Portuguese translator. This saved the session and enabled me to have meaningful...