Midgard's new style engine

As a way to resolve the style engine dispute in the Midgard community, I asked Jukka to arbitrate. He posted his proposal for the Midgard Style Engine V2.0 yesterday, and after a bit of discussion it entered mRFC process. The proposal was accepted today with 7 +1 votes from the developers.

I’m really looking forward to seeing this happen. What I want from the new style engine, is that it would mainly work like the old one, but with two new features:

  • MidCOM folders must be able to override elements of site style
  • Site style must be able to override elements of MidCOM components (so you can easily make a “global” show-article for your style template for example

In the other news, it is a beautiful early winter day here in Helsinki. Sun is shining through a thin veil of clouds. There is no snow to mention yet, but the streets, buildings and trees are all covered with a thin layer of frost. When riding the bus to work across the Lauttasaari bridge half of the bay already had ice.

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